Although some of the reasons  that Americans can be at a disadvantage when playing basketball overseas have been covered, there are however some benefits to the basketball market being this way – so don’t lose hope! Trust the process!

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  • Americans are STILL the top ranked and most respected nation for basketball in the world – despite an element of difficulty at the initial job placement stage, Americans are a necessity to the basketball ecosystem.
  • Once you do get your foot in the door, it makes it harder for others to enter – as your experience develops, so does your leverage over others fighting for your spot. This advantage will reflect favourably as to how easily you get jobs (and the financial side of things!)
  • Your chances of getting your foot through the door typically depend on the decisions that YOU make – One shouldn’t be discouraged by the nature of today’s basketball market, not only as it is subject to change at any time, there are plenty of basketball jobs claimed everyday by players of all backgrounds.
  • Americans are not the only ones in this situation – all parts of these posts apply to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). In fact even at certain levels of play within this area that aren’t valued highly.

The main reason however, is generally a lack of knowledge on the fine details that every baller should consider when looking to hoop abroad.

The Ballers Voice is currently writing an ebook, which will highlight all of the necessary things that you need to consider when making overseas basketball career decisions!

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