The internet is buzzing right now about the two best teams in the world going at it in the NBA finals – collectively stacked with 11 All-stars.

It’s safe to say that it will take you a while to find a more talented set of players than these guys.

From the reigning Champs (Cavs), Phil Handy, (Assistant Coach and Director of Player Development – 20 years’ experience) – one of the coaches responsible for the skill development of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and MANY others  will be in London (Uxbridge college) this month June 29th-July 3rd  to pass on the secrets taught to the most successful players in the league.

See video of him in action below…

?? #DefendTheLand

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Let’s face it, every baller knows what it is to hear the following…

So when are you going to the NBA?

Wouldn’t it be great to now say…

…The NBA is coming to me!?

…Now you can!

This rare opportunity to hone elite skills can be incorporated into your existing skillset to boost your professional career.

Check out Handy working out Mr Money Man from Friday (J.R. Smith) beneath…



I cannot stress enough the importance of Investing in your game, your craft.

One thing that ballers often forget is that basketball is a business first, before a sport. In the ‘real’ world, it’s common for a potential employee to invest in a tailored suit to boost his corporate image, a course or qualification to enhance the chances of getting that promotion, or simply to become a master in the field which he is already in.

These concepts can be applied directly in the basketball world. What you invest into your game highly influences what you get as a result. That being said, any baller trying to elevate their game should invest in their basketball future just as if it were the actual key to their success.

Are you investing enough in yours?

Handy’s clinic is presented by Daniel James, Monmouth college alumni who is destined to bring about change to professional basketball as we know it in the UK – by sharing the trade secrets of the NBA

For the baller looking to work out with the VERY BEST of trainers out there, don’t miss on this opportunity to have access to the VERY BEST to do it!

Be sure to email with the Subject Title: Handy Skills Camp BV to sign up and get further information!

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