There are 1000 reasons that a player might not realise their baller dreams…

Not knowing enough is the only inexcusable one.

The Baller’s Voice is the basketball blog with the primary focus of empowering today’s aspiring players.

We’ve taken the initiative to enhance players’ sense of direction in their basketball journeys – most by producing content that will inform, inspire and motive provoke

About the Author

What’s up Ballers? My name is Tosin Oyelese. I’m based in London, England.

My love for the game prompted the making of this site, a combination of that and a hunger to just be in the know as to what is going on in the basketball world

If you enjoy reading it just half as much as I do writing it – we are going to have a heck of a time!

What can I expect from TBV?

Highly engaging content.  The topics of the articles will be influenced by YOU the baller.

Direction in what to do with your overseas basketball career. Cos there is no such thing as too much information – plus those who know more than you will use that against you. Stay woke ballers!