We’ve all heard that Greece’s economy isn’t great to say the least, but there are also many other countries, such as Spain, where the national economy is far from okay.

What’s that got to do with Basketball Opportunities?

When the economy is bad, the first thing to go out of the window for the general public in terms of expenditures is usually leisure and entertainment, the fact that fans cannot afford tickets will now become problematic to the organisation – who greatly rely on ticket sales as a means to keep the team running.

Even with those that’ll still come to games – you can expect them become more selective in terms of loyalty.

If a team go on a losing streak, they’re more likely to call it quits on attending future games – if their team gets relegated, the fans are very likely to take their support (and money) elsewhere! Also, it’s not just the fans that will be taking their support elsewhere; the sponsors are just as likely to withdraw – should a team’s performance be substandard.

What needs to be understood is that in these ‘bad economy’ countries, teams will be more cautious and reserved in their spending, not only in order to comply with the league standards as mentioned in the previous point, but also to ensure that they balance minimising expenditures to maximise profit whilst not losing – ultimately keeping their chances of survival high.

In the next post, another point will be discussed which greatly affects how much ballers get paid and the direct effect it has on the opportunities for import players.

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