Overseas Basketball Jobs: Why It’s Hard For Americans 1 of 6

SCENARIO – You’ve done ALL that you need to on the court in order to secure an overseas basketball contract.

Surely you shouldn’t run into much trouble securing a contract in a country that basketball isn’t their first, second or even third sport right?


Those around you may suggest that you ‘give up and get a real job’.

“Since when was playing professional basketball not a real job?”

This can all be stressful, especially if the people saying such things are close to you (which they often are).

Parents, friends, your girl…

The sad thing is when you realise that they aren’t even saying this out of spite, they are saying this because they love you and truly have the best intentions in saying that. They simply do not see an end to the path that you are following.

Of course any sportsman knows that going against the grain is nothing new, so this isn’t something that you won’t allow to affect your trust in the process – Besides, ball is life and if you are pursuing going pro, there is a big chance that you don’t really know what life would be without it.

For this reason, it’s key that you make the right decisions in regards to your basketball career to give yourself the best chance for success (and proving the haters wrong if you care for that!).

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LOADS of different reasons… Firstly, this difficulty (understandably) doesn’t apply to all Americans… Some have jobs finding them!

However, I will highlight some of the key reasons for those that do experience difficulty in this post.

This post by the way has 6 parts – So be sure to read ‘til the end of each part, as the link to the next point will be there. Reading all parts will lead to aspiring ballers having a more wholesome idea of why the basketball market functions in this manner.

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